Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This Is So Not Good For My Image

These are pictures from last week's "Gingerbread Performance" at Bear's school. Throughout the concert, Bear totally looked like he was thinking, "Could somebody please get this stupid-ass thing off of my head!" I guess it probably is hard to look like a pimp when you're wearing a homemade reindeer sweatshirt and a gingerbread man crown that you colored yourself with a bunch of other Kindergarteners. Nevertheless, he really was adorable and did an awesome job when it came time to deliver his lines.

The glazed-over expression in this photo suggests to me that Bear is trying to go to his "happy place."

Here he looks like he's thinking, "Alright lady, enough with the pictures! This is embarrassing enough - do you really need to create any more evidence of my humiliation?" Or, " I'm warning you, lady - one more picture and I'm gonna go all Sean Penn on you and your camera!"

Bear may not feel that his lines in the "Gingerbread Performance" were as cool as his free-style, kick-ass tae kwon do weapon form, but his father and I are just as proud. And when he's older (much older, I might add), I will exercise the parental privilege to annoy and humiliate by showing future girlfriends proof of his adorableness.

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